El Hotelet de la Racona
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    Nature in Denia

    Montgó Natural Park, hiking and the Cova Tallada route

    In the natural setting of El Hotelet de la Raconà, in Les Rotes (Denia), there are many places where you can discover Denia’s purest nature such as Montgó Natural Park and hiking trails such as the Cova Tallada route.

    El Hotelet de la Racona

    Montgó Natural Park: a natural gem in the Denia area

    Montgó Natural Park, declared as such in 1987 thanks to its rich wildlife and flora and landscape value, is home to the Montgó Interpretation Centre, hiking trails and Mediterranean landscapes which combine mountain vegetation with picture-perfect cliffs, Denia’sbeaches and Cabo de San Antonio.

    El Hotelet de la Racona
    El Hotelet de la Racona

    Recommendations for the Cova Tallada route:

    • Area suitable for swimming

    • Flashlight needed to enter the cave

    • Slip-resistant hiking boots required: the floor is rocky and partially flooded depending on the tide.

    • The hiking trail is family-friendly but children may need help in the final stages. For more information, please contact El Hotelet de la Raconà.