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    Tourism in Denia

    Denia Castle and Archaeological Museum

    Denia Castle was built during the Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula, between the Ninth and Twelfth centuries, on top of Roman remains. It was later renovated with the addition of towers in the Fifteenth century and the reconstruction of the Governor’s Palace between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries. Denia Castle is a heritage site of tourist interest in the city of Denia.

    A visit to Denia Castle includes the castle, its towers, the walls, the surrounding forests and the Denia Archaeological Museum, as well as stunning views of the sea, the Port of Denia, the Montgó Massif, Gerro Tower and Cabo de San Antonio.

    If you would like to go sightseeing in Denia, in summer you can visit the castle at night.

    El Hotelet de la Racona

    Toy Museum

    The Toy Museum in Denia is an excellent and interesting option when you visit the city with your family. It exhibits local toy productions from 1904 until 1960, when there were more than 40 toy factories in Denia.

    Inside, you can find tin toys, imported toys and wooden toys as well as toy lorries, wooden play kitchens and ring games, an experience that will take you back to your childhood for a few hours.

    El Hotelet de la Racona
    El Hotelet de la Racona

    Another tourist attraction in Denia is Gerro Tower.

    Gerro Tower is a defence tower from the Renaissance (Sixteenth century), unique in its kind thanks to its circular shape and because it was part of the coastline defence system created during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries to defend the land against pirates.

    If you go sightseeing in Denia, you can visit Gerro Tower by going on theCova Tallada route.

    El Hotelet de la Racona